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Time To Step Up Your Content Marketing

Content creation is essential to your business as it helps promote your brand and increase traffic and exposure to your website. With steep competition in every Google or social media search, it is vital your content stays competitive in the online landscape. So how can businesses ensure their value stays above the competition? One major component to elevate a business’ presence is through quality content generation.

Search engines crawl pages for websites for relevant content that matches particular search queries. There are many factors that can influence where your website shows up in the results. One of the key factors is relevant content. By generating enough relevant content, it will boost SEO efforts which creates more relatable matches to any given search query.

By creating a quality content marketing strategy, you can expect the following:

  • Higher rankings in search results

  • Likely increase in sales due to the website being more relevant

  • Education and communication with consumers improve

  • Brand awareness expands

Higher Rankings with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that drives traffic to a website through organic search rankings. Higher rankings in the search results are more likely to get clicks to your website and show your business to more potential customers. While rankings are influenced by many factors, high quality content can be considered a top priority as it assists with brand and website visibility. The more relevant content the business generates, the more likely the search engines will favor the website which leads to better rankings.

Types of Content to Drive Leads

With a successful content marketing strategy you can expect increases in web traffic and increases in leads and sales. There are many forms of content that a business can generate. A variety of content keeps current customers engaged while grabbing the attention of new markets. Varied content makes it more discoverable on platforms and helps to reach different markets of shoppers.

Types of intriguing content can include:

  • Website content

  • Blog posts

  • Social media posts

  • Photos & videos

  • Infographics

  • Ebooks

  • Emails

  • Podcasts

Website content and blog posts may serve as centers of information while other content can be more interactive such as videos, polls, or surveys. Social media and infographics are good visual aids to convey your message while photos and videos often capture events, testimonials, or employee experiences. Utilizing diverse content can help expand the consumer base by building rapport with new and existing customers.

Benefits of Effective Content

Content is an effective route to communicate different messages to a consumer. For new consumers, content demonstrates and educates the products or services of your business. Two ways to create communication through content are through business values and consumer interests.

Business Values

Through content, businesses can relay their core values in an interactive way. Consumers care about the brand’s mission statement and values that a company conveys through content. A prime example by Tesla, a renown clean energy company shared their mission statement in a twitter thread to create a buzz. This thread shows how content that represents company values strengthens communication between consumer and the brand.

Consumer Interests

Through engagement, clients will indicate what aspects of the brand they care about. For example, high engagement on an Instagram poll may indicate what followers are interested in that particular thought or product. From those results, you could plan future content detailing this topic such as a blog post, tutorial video, or infographic. Set goals to review the successes and shortcomings of each post and then evaluate which content works best for each platform. Reviewing successful content is one method to pinpoint what a customer cares about and continue to engage your following.

Elevate Brand through Content

Brand awareness establishes a business as a memorable and identifiable business; giving an advantage against the competition. Growing brand awareness stems from setting goals, positive reviews, and platform links.


One way to establish brand awareness is through goal setting and strategizing. Each business has respective goals to identify for content. Creating content centered around fixed goals is called a content campaign. Take note of the goals your business is looking to gain from each campaign because content can help drive traffic, gain followers, lead submissions, or purchases. Alternatively, small scale goals such as post engagement are helpful to measure successes and shortcomings. Engagements may include clicks, likes, shares, or bookmarks. These analytics can help to review these goals and determine the successful aspects of each.

(Source: SEMRUSH article)

Reviewing specific, measurable goals may help determine what content is effective for a campaign.

Positive Reviews

Another way to build a company’s brand awareness is through positive reviews. Interacting with reviews allows you the opportunity to engage with the end consumer. Prioritize positive Feedback or reviews throughout content. This can be through reviews on the website, photos, social media posts, or a featured client. Posting real client reviews about a service/product will compliment the content and may raise brand awareness.

Platform links

Lastly, brand awareness can be assisted by sharing links between platforms. Interconnecting the various platforms may facilitate a strong following.

Link sharing can be:

  • Advertising a blog post through social media.

  • Inserting the website link in a social media bio.

  • Providing social media links through the websites.

This can provide multiple content outlets for consumers to get involved and introduced to. Link sharing could assist in building up a following and ultimately spread brand awareness.

Be Smart With Your Content

There are many forms of content that can be created for any business. Diversifying and incorporating meaningful messages is the most effective approach to reach your target audience. By having a smart, planned and relevant content strategy, you will be able to reach your audience and turn them into leads and sales.


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