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How Google’s Bard Can Help With SEO

Have you heard the news? The digital marketing world is raving about Bard, Google’s newest AI chatbot with the ability to generate conversational and informative responses to user-inputted prompts. The latest hype surrounding Bard comes from the program’s impressive dataset, which can help business owners massively with their marketing campaigns and website SEO.

Bard is Google’s version of ChatGPT, which has so far been the general go-to representative of new AI technology for the past couple of years. Recently, there have been many rapid updates and releases contributing to the future of AI technology, and Bard is one of the growing collaborative tools that is quickly pushing ChatGPT to the back of the line.

Despite some hiccups upon its initial release, Bard has undergone recent updates that have enhanced its credibility and capabilities, making the AI chatbot a very popular and valuable tool for business owners. Executing a successful SEO strategy can help businesses out tremendously, so it’s extremely useful to have a reliable tool such as Bard that can assist with these important marketing elements. If you’re not familiar with how Bard can help with your website’s SEO, here’s a rundown of a fair few advantages to using the expanding AI program.

Optimize Your Business’s Content

In recent years, AI technology has been advancing rapidly. The results that certain chatbots have been able to put out in just a matter of seconds is truly astounding and very telling of where the future of AI will lead to. While the program is now accessible in over 180 countries, Google has stated that Bard is still under development, which means there’s still so much space for the tool to grow and develop. Even so, the capabilities that Bard currently has are still incredible for businesses wanting to optimize their content.

While Google search results are included in the responses, Bard is trained on an extensive dataset that surpasses that of ChatGPT, allowing the program to understand prompts in a more efficient way. As users enter their prompts into Bard, not only do the responses come out in a more conversational tone, but the program can also generate original content of various forms. Bard has the ability to create high quality blog posts, articles, social media posts, and more, which can be a huge time saver and essentially improve search engine rankings.

Bard is also great for on-page optimization. The AI program can recognize certain elements of websites to improve readability through the correction of grammatical errors and misinformation. Bard is also able to assist with taglines, descriptions, and keywords. Search engines prefer content that is of a higher standard, so improving these elements of SEO can not only refine content, but also make it more visible and accessible.

Track and Analyze Competitors

For every industry, there are many different sources of information scattered throughout the online-sphere. With such an over-saturation of content, ranking high in search results can prove to be a difficult feat for many businesses. To make their content more visible, business owners can create SEO strategies to help give them a greater prospect of ranking. However, navigating this overpopulated world manually may not give businesses the greatest overall results.

In terms of competitive analysis, using Bard can turn out to be a huge advantage. As previously mentioned, Bard is trained on an extensive dataset, which makes the program much more capable of understanding user prompts in a more “human-like” sense. With greater comprehension abilities, Bard analyzes competitors in a remarkably in-depth manner. From compiling a list of competitors to identifying specific elements that are functioning well for them, Bard uses this information to help business owners generate leads and improve their own content.

Bard also helps with personalization and local SEO. With an excess amount of content available, especially in local areas, having a unique and captivating online presence can improve engagement and conversion rates. Target audiences need to be reached through valuable and relevant content and the assistance of Google’s AI chatbot can be extremely beneficial for businesses and their marketing campaigns.

Refine Your Website’s Technical SEO

Any business owner looking to increase their digital presence should know that SEO is more than just words on a page. The process is crucial to any industry and must be carefully curated to ensure quality results and successful engagement. One of the ways in which SEO is important to businesses is in how it presents webpages on a technical level. Search engines prefer websites that are easy to navigate, load faster, and are overall more efficient, ranking these pages higher as opposed to unorganized, low-quality ones.

A significant SEO term is “crawlability”, which refers to the ability a search engine has to navigate through a website, and “indexability”, which is the approach these search engines use to store web pages in databases. If a website has even the slightest of errors, such as broken links, it can severely impact the page’s overall standard and organization, which hinders any potential rankings and its presence in search results.

It can be time consuming having to double check if every link on a website is functioning and directing users properly. Fortunately, with a simple prompt entered into Bard, the AI tool can analyze an entire website and point out any technical issues in a matter of seconds. It can also keep track of SEO performance over a period of time and refine any mishaps that need to be addressed. Bard also helps with other technical elements that affect search engine rankings, such as speed times and duplicate content.

What Are the Advantages for Businesses?

Bard is quickly becoming one of the most valuable generative AI resources available for businesses. In a digital world that is heavily saturated with repetitive content, having a large-scale tool that can pilot through this information gives business owners a huge advantage in the industry against other competitors. As it currently stands, AI technology will only continue to expand, making its mark as the future of digital content and marketing.

In the digital age, having a reliable online presence is an absolute must for any business. Business owners who incorporate Bard can find that the AI chatbot has the potential to enhance the efficiency of their content from both a creative and technical standpoint. It’s important to adapt to new innovations in technology, and cater not only to the audiences that you’re targeting, but also to the algorithms that are determining whether your website or content is valuable.

While no chatbot has perfect results, further improvements will be made over time that will help to develop an intrinsic system that can perform with an impressive knowledge and understanding of both the digital and human world. Overall, Bard’s ability to optimize content and increase brand visibility with its extensive dataset makes the chatbot a must-have for business owners to get ahead of the competition and create an overall exceptional online presence. If you’re interested in learning more about how Google’s Bard can serve your business, contact us at Lau Marketing today for a consultation!


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