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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

In 2018, there were significant changes in the digital marketing world which impacted a lot of business owners. On the SEO front, changes in the mobile indexing first algorithm, there have been stronger emphasis on optimizing your site for mobile usage. On the PPC side, Google rebranded their AdWords application to Google Ads. With the new user interface and added capabilities, it offers advertisers and business owners opportunities to reach new audiences.

With all the changes that have happened in 2018, there will be even more changes as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve. As such, we have compiled our list of digital marketing trends that we expect to happen in 2019.

Mobile Continues to Be A Major Focus

As indicated by Google, mobile-first indexing is now used for over half of the global search results. What does this mean? Well, this means users are becoming more mobile and Google’s search results are adapting to the mobile versions of your website. As such, things like site speed and user experience (UX) on your mobile site will be even more critical in 2019. As mobile usage continues to increase and devices become more advance, digital marketers and business owners need to be aware of changes that will impact their businesses.

Remarketing and Customization

For digital advertisers, there have been advancements with platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads in which reaching your target audience has never been easier. New capabilities such as custom remarketing lists and similar audiences, the ability to target potential customers have never been greater. By having the ability to hyper-target these audiences, marketers are able to create a more custom and tailor message to the audience they want to reach.

In 2019, we will continue to see these features expand and will see a greater emphasis on how ads are customized and targeted to potential customers. Advertisers should no longer have to spend unnecessary dollars on ads that may or may not reach the audience they are looking for.

Content is No Longer Just Words

A big shift occurred in 2018 with content marketing. It has always been misunderstood that content marketing is just about writing blog posts to help with SEO and that it is needed if you want to rank well. This is not the case anymore and in 2018, we saw that shift happened dramatically. Content marketing became a big player in business owner’s marketing budget because content marketing is now able to communicate to audiences in ways it never had before.

In 2019, things such as social media conversations, videos, infographics, interactive tools such as quizzes will make up content marketing. Content marketing will be a critical part of the overall buying experience and we will see more content generated in 2019.

These trends have definitely made big leaps in 2018 but we expect to see more improvements in these areas in 2019. As consumer’s buying methods continues to change, it is important to include these trends in your digital marketing plans so that you are capturing all the potential consumers as possible. If you are looking to see how these trends can help your business, give us a call at 407.516.1478 or contact us online!

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